Sunday, January 3, 2016

Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure 12.2.1 installation

Welcome to learning Fusion Middleware Administration.
You need to know about your installation machine details first accordingly you can select the platform, architecture specific JDK.
Download JDK1.8[latest version]

Install JDK 1.8.0_65

tar -zxvf /vagrant_data/jdk-8u65-linux-x64.gz

This will extract and also runs the libraries paths related to that architecture x86 or x64. Though there are many other options for JDK installations, This procedure is more generic you can do it any Linux OS -linux-x64.gz file end side.

set the JAVA_HOME

After installation of JDK you need to setup the the JAVA_HOME environment variable in the profile and relogin to the box. This relogin is required to reflect the JAVA_HOME value into the PATH.
Add the following lines into your .bashrc or .bash_profile.

export JAVA_HOME=/home/vagrant/jdk1.8.0_65
export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin

Validate JDK Version with the following way:
java -version

Create the responseFile for Fusion Middleware Infrastructure

You need to create the response file name it as infra_install.rsp with the following:
Response File Version=
INSTALL_TYPE=Fusion Middleware Infrastructure

Run the installation command as follows:
java -jar fmw_12. -silent \
-responseFile /home/oracle/silent/infra_install.rsp \
-invPtrLoc /home/oracle/silent/oraInst.loc

Now see the how we have execution on precise64 Ubuntu box.

OFM Infrastructure installation
Silent installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure

When all the parameter values are satisfied then it will proceed for  Complete the fusion Middleware infrastructure  installation

Complete installation of Oracle Fusion Infrastructure

There are multiple options to select the INSTALL_TYPE

  1. INSTALL_TYPE=Fusion Middleware Infrastructure
  2. INSTALL_TYPE=Fusion Middleware Infrastructure With Examples
If you need Restricted JRF Domain then use the second option.

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